So a select committee has finally been formed to investigate Benghazi…20 months and one Presidential election after the attack.   There are STILL questions that we are still awaiting honest answers for.  I think the family members of the victims deserve answers more.  In no particular order:

Why did we still have people in Benghazi after every other foreign entity, including the Red Cross, left due to safety concerns?

Why was security not increased after previous attacks on the consulate in April 2012 and on the International Red Cross office in May 2012?  In fact, why did Hillary Clinton deny the request for additional personnel?

Why was no help sent during the seven hours the consulate was under siege when we could’ve had boots on the ground in two?

Who on the chain of command actually gave the command that no help was to be sent?

Who changed the talking points so that any mention of terrorism or Al-Qaeda was removed?

Why did Susan Rice go on FIVE Sunday talk shows and reference a video?

Why did Barack Obama lie about calling it a terrorist attack in his Rose Garden speech the day after the attacks?

Where was Obama while the attack occurred?  Why travel to a Presidential fundraiser in Vegas with this going on?

Why has every piece of paper on the attack been heavily redacted and why haven’t investigators been able to talk to surviving victims?

Why has no one else been arrested or charged in regards to the attack besides the maker of the video?

Why is the media only just now beginning to report on Benghazi?  Why not in the months after the attack DURING A PRESIDENTIAL ELECTION?

Why did it take John Boehner so long to ask for a select committee?

It’s about time we got real answers to all of these questions and more.  Hopefully, Trey Gowdy along with the rest of the select committee can get some.  Hillary Clinton played a huge role in letting the attacks happen in the first place, but the cover-up afterward should’ve ran Obama out of town.  The American people demand and deserve transparency in our government.  After all, what difference does it make?

All the difference in the world!