Yep.  I’m making the leap.  I’ve thought about doing it for about three years now.  I’ve spent plenty of time praying about it and exploring the options available to me.   However, I’m not going to get anywhere by thinking about it.  I’m at a standstill while everything is passing me by.  It’ll be tough, but if God wants it to be, it’ll be.

After all, if God gave someone a gift, an ability, or a tool that very few people had and he didn’t use it, wouldn’t he be disappointing God?  A great orator should use his voice, a writer his pen, a craftsman his hands, a painter his paintbrush.  If he doesn’t, it’ll be like a 7 foot tall player who doesn’t play basketball; it’s wasted height.  When he discovers what his gifts, he should do everything he can to cultivate that gift, lest the gift goes to waste.  Look at Jamarcus Russell.  He had all of the physical gifts necessary to be a great football player.  Yet, he never got better because he never worked at his craft.  Russell flopped out of the league three years after being the #1 overall draft pick.

No offense, but I don’t want to be Jamarcus Russell.  I’m getting back in the game.  For most of my life, I have always had a way with numbers.  Math comes much easier to me than it does most other people.  While I was in college, I developed a passion for statistics.  I loved being able to take a humble data set and after analyzing it come to a conclusion that everyone can understand.   Maybe I can come up with a way to provide the best possible lineup for a sport.  Or I can come up with a better way to manage money.  Perhaps I could discover something that can change someone’s life.

So it’s time.  Time for me to apply to graduate school.