Let me be frank.  All Americans should be against any version of amnesty.  We have at least 11 million illegal immigrants here (most likely more).  By any other standard, that’s an enemy invasion.  A lot of these people sneaking in are low wage workers who don’t contribute anything to this country.  These illegal aliens are taking jobs away that usually go to teenagers and low-skill workers.  This is coming at a time when the 16-24 unemployment rate is officially at 13.1%, black unemployment is officially at 14% and there are a total of 11.8 million American unemployed.  In addition, there are close to another 11 million who are underemployed.  Talk about taking jobs away from legal citizens…

These huge numbers take a toll on our social services programs as it is.  The only fortunate thing is that some of these illegal immigrants aren’t taking welfare because they aren’t eligible.  (However, they are eligible if they have anchor babies.)  If this immigration “reform” becomes legal, then all 11+ million illegal unskilled workers are eligible for public benefits that they did NOT pay into.  We already have more people on food stamps under Obama than any other president.

However, the immigration debate is about more than unskilled workers.  It’s a public safety issues.  Mexico is in the midst of a civil war involving multiple drug cartels responsible for multiple kidnappings and murders in both Mexico and the United States (not counting the weapons handed to them as part of Fast and Furious).   Islamic terror groups such as Hezbollah have been a part of that war.  The student and worker visa programs are littered with terrorists.  That’s how those Boston bombers got in despite Russia warning us at least twice.  What we need is real immigration reform, not amnesty.

There are over 4 million people waiting for green cards to come here legally.  Some of these people have been waiting for decades.  Are we just going to let invaders walk freely into this country and not assimilate when there are plenty of people paying money to enter and become true American citizens, just like all of those in the past who have come here looking for a better life?

With the technological advances, why is most of the work still done by paperwork and why does it take decades to come legally?  How about this…Completely shut down the borders and don’t issue any more visas.  Secure our borders so no one can sneak in and modernize the immigration process.  Therefore, we know exactly who is supposed to be here and who is not.

And then, maybe then, terrorists won’t slip through the cracks.