I thought we were over this.  I thought we learned our lesson and moved on.  I thought there were more important things going on in the world that required our time attention.

I thought wrong.

Out of all of the lessons and actions that could have possibly been taken after the Charleston church shooting, Americans choose to turn their anger, not towards the person (the conservative response) or towards guns (the liberal response), but towards a flag. A Confederate flag.

We’re wasting time and wasting tears over a flag that a crazy person wore and claimed to represent.  Not the Nazi symbol he also wore, not his words, not his actions, but a flag.

This psychopath sat in a church and waited before he killed nine people in cold blood.  He planned this out over an extended period of time and doesn’t regret what he has done.  Yet instead of calling him a whack job, we focus on a flag.

The reality is taking down this flag, pretending it doesn’t exist, and trying to take way its supposed meaning does NOT change the attitudes and hearts of people.  Trying to dig up hundred-year-old graves and erase history doesn’t change what happened.  We don’t move forward by moving backward.

Besides, if you are offended by a symbol, by a harmless flag, then you are obviously offended by any remote sign of perceived racism.  Walking around blinded by race colored glasses leaves your heart, mind, and eyes closed to the deeper, darker problems that plague the world.  It also leaves you very hardhearted and very unforgiving.  Is that really the way you want to live?

For all of the moaning and groaning black people do about white-on-black crime and trying to eradicate racism, very little effort is being spent cleaning up their own house.  Walter E. Williams wrote a very interesting post about this very issue.  There are more black people in positions of power than ever before including in the White House, yet conditions continue to decline.  Blacks are killing blacks wholesale.  Blacks have an illegitimacy rate of 72%!  Seven-two black children out of 100 are being set up to fail from birth.  Poverty and illiteracy is dominant in a culture full of Godlessness.  These people will protest a flag and protest against police brutality but won’t protest when their mothers, fathers, aunts, uncles, brothers, sisters, cousins, sons, daughters, grandsons, and granddaughters keep making bad choice after bad choice after bad choice.

It’s time to stop digging up the past and focus on the present and future.