Barack Obama won over 90% of the black vote in the 2008 and 2012 presidential elections.  In addition, Democrats routinely win at least 80% of the black vote in every election on every level.  Yet black people have struggled for generations to get ahead while every other group has.  This leads to an obvious question:

Why don’t blacks vote conservative?

Or perhaps the real question is why do blacks not consider any republican, independent, or any third party but vote for Democrats in droves?  Is there something wrong with the conservative outreach?  Have Republicans tried speaking to black people and failed or just concede the loss every time?

Maybe there is this perception that blacks and Republicans don’t share common political values regardless of the race of the candidate.  While not well courted at all in recent elections, efforts are being made to change that.

However, to properly educate voters and to get them to listen to Republicans, long-held myths must be dispelled.  It’s routinely paraded in the media that Republicans are full of rich, old, white people.   However, looking at the Republican Presidential race, there are far more minorities and people of color than for the Democrats.  Nothing but old, rich white people there.  There is also a long lingering myth that the parties “switched sides” all of a sudden.    However, history shows a much more complicated story which shows how conservative values spread throughout the country and how Democrats kept trying to impede progress.  Was either side perfect?  No; they never have been nor will ever be perfect.  The Democratic Party has a reputation going back to the 1800s of trying to “keep the black man down”.

They even try to do that today.  Most major cities have been under Democratic rule for over half a century.  Most of them are dumpster holes, especially for black people.  Black people have higher unemployment rates, poverty rates, abortion rates, single parenthood rates, crime rates and incarceration rates coupled with lower graduation rates, test scores, and possibilities for success.  There are too many regulations stifling people from creating businesses and jobs.  Small businesses are the lifeblood of the American engine, people starting from nothing and working their way up.  Yet the government takes money that could be used for building people up is taken away and used to keep people down.

Most blacks I know, the level-headed ones anyways, have the same concerns that most of America have.  To be able to start businesses, work hard, and create a decent living for themselves and their families.  There is nothing, absolutely nothing, the Democratic party has done to help build this.  From an economic standpoint, blacks have done better under Jim Crow than they do now.  87% of black homes were married, two-parent homes and 40% of blacks owned businesses when the 1964 Civil Rights Act.  Again, this was at a time where black people were really being held down by the man.

Maybe it’s time to consider the words of Stephen A. Smith and vote Republican.  Whenever I say these words, blacks tend to mob me.  Black conservatives can’t get in a word otherwise.  They say to us ”remember where we came from” and “we ‘struggle’ just like the rest of them. ” “What are you going to do for black people?” #BlackLivesMatter and all that jazz.  They ignore anyone who says that we are concerned about everyone because #AllLivesMatter.  However, it looks like #MyLifeDoesntMatter to them.

If blacks are going to tell me and other black conservatives where we come from, it’s time to remind them where they come from.  Over 70|% of black people claim they are Christian yet represent a party that denied God THREE TIMES!

In addition, over 60% of blacks are against gay marriage.  That’s not surprising for a mostly Christian population.  Democrats are busy trying to bribe women, homosexuals, and Hispanics, knowing they don’t need to bribe black people.  Talking about Hispanics, illegal immigrants are coming in and taking up valuable resources and are getting paid under the table below minimum wage or are taking up other low skill, low wage positions that black people use to support families.

Black people, stop handing over your power to people who invest in seeing you fail and have done so for over 200 years.  Conservatives want everybody to have the rights to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.  The Democratic party gives you none of this.  Do some of your research instead of listening to the lies the left-wing media and liberal teachers tell you; the education system is failing you as it is now.

Since Democrats like to bribe people, allow me to bribe blacks on the values of conservatism.  Conservatives believe in life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.  We believe everyone deserves an opportunity based on their ability, education, and work ethic alone, not because of the color of their skin.  We believe in small government because the bigger the government is, the more hands they get in stuff, the more likely they are screw something up and/or become corrupt.  We believe governments should not involved in issues such as healthcare and marriage, but are to protect and defend.

We believe that although the government has the responsibility of protecting and defending, we are obliged to protect and defend ourselves and our families in whatever means is appropriate against enemies both foreign and domestic.  We also should easily name and identify threats as we see them.  We don’t believe in political correctness because there is no such thing as politically correct.

We believe in school choice and parents being able to choose which schools are best for their children and how to educate their children, not the government.  We believe that broad educational policy determined at the federal level doesn’t help teachers who are actually teaching on the local level.  We believe in equal opportunities, not equal outcomes.

We believe in personal accountability and responsibility.  We believe that robbing Peter to pay Paul is wrong and that everyone should live within their means.  We believe that the tax system is far too complicated for most people to understand and that a simplified the tax code will lead to less being paid by everyone.  Conservatives believe the government should curtail spending and that $18 trillion debt is insane, unsustainable and unethical.  We believe that we should teach a man how to fish and he’ll be set for life, a hand up not a handout.  We believe that the best person to decide how to use our money is us, not someone else.

We believe in sound legislation that helps uphold the principles this country is found on.  We also believe in a sound process for passing legislation; it can’t be decided by a pen or phone or from a bench.  Conservatives believe legislation must be something everyone has had time to read, understand, and comment on; the legislation must be short and easy to read.  We believe judges should make sound judgments from the bench based on Constitutional principles and life experiences, not influenced by the media or other elected officials, nor restricted by minimum sentencing guidelines.  We believe we should have legislators who come from the people and represent the people; creating and signing legislation is not a life-long job.  We believe that EVERY CITIZEN can be involved in the political process and that the common-man can hold political office.  We believe good government is transparent to everyone and the media should properly and honestly report on what goes on within the walls of our government with no spin and no fluff.

We believe in freedom OF religion, not freedom FROM religion  We believe that all faiths can coexist as long as they respect each other’s rights. We believe that our faith isn’t just reserved to churches, synagogues, temples, or our own homes but should drive our lives if we have a religion; we’re free to not associate with one.  We believe that killing people because of their religion, or lack thereof, differs from another is wrong.

We believe in the traditional roles that God and nature have designed and that all of us existing isn’t because of some sort of accident.  We believe that men and women are created differently because they are complementary parts, compatible with each other.  We believe that ignoring these roles in both the creation and raising of families is against God and nature and is considered foolish.

We believe that our rights start where someone’s else’s rights begin and visa versa and that we only coexist when citizens respect everyone else’s right to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness and these rights can’t be infringed upon by anybody.  We believe that these rights aren’t given to us by a human but by a higher power who created and guides us all, even if we choose to ignore it.

I think these are simple, basic, common sense principles that everyone can get behind and would be well received if people took the time to listen.  It’s time for conservatives to reach out to black people looking for an alternative; it’s time for black people to seek an alternative option if they want change.